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A group of niche businesses thrive together. Collaborate, grow, hyper-profit within our vibrant network powered by iPrima Nucleus with the goal of hitting $100Million In Sales Yearly

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Ecosystem Of Niche Businesses In South East Asia
390+ Startups

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Three Person Standing
Man In Blue Suit Wearing Black Framed Eyeglasses
Ecosystem Of Niche Businesses In South East Asia
Woman Sitting On Yellow Armless Chair Near Gray Laptop Computer
390+ Startups

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As a leading group of companies, we touch diverse industries – from renovation and real estate to technology, media, green solutions, food and beverage, beauty, and education platforms.

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Building Stronger & Smarter Businesses Together

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With over 12 years perfecting an exponential innovation model that has launched over 29 brands now collectively generating over $100 million annually, we rapidly scale ventures through shared resources and unified operations. 

Our synergistic ecosystem sparks breakthroughs spanning diverse sectors – from construction tech to food tech, fintech to edtech, IoT to ecommerce, and beyond. We consolidate key functions while allowing specialized ventures to focus squarely on market leadership.

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“Synergy across industries and companies creates solutions greater than the sum of their parts. We’re accelerating that reality.”
– Shaun Ling, Founder of iPrima Group

Niche Focus,
Network Power.

Don’t just grow, hyper-evolve. ⚡️ iPrima Nucleus orchestrates iPrima Group’s collaborative network, unlocking exponential profitability for niche players.

Escape the solo struggle, join the iPrima ecosystem. Collaborative networks, niche expertise, hypergrowth. Unleash your business potential.

Skip the competition, join the hypergrowth network. iPrima Group connects niche players, unlocks shared profitability, fuels rapid expansion.